Sugarbears Pampered Pets - Owner Jackie Davis is unethical

Dallas, Texas 3 comments
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I did volusion work for this site owner and she did not pay me.I had been working on her site for a number of years, and did everything I could to satisfy her ridiculous requests.

She was always very difficult to work for and constantly changed her mind on how she wanted things done, and then did not want to pay me for my time. She was mean, she tried to threaten and accuse falsely. I think she is nuts and most likely bi-polar.

I would not recommend ever doing business with her or buying from her.Her name is Jackie David and she is the owner of

Review about: Unprofessional Service.



Since this complaint and comment of earlier today - I am working on having this complaint removed as this situation has been rectified. I have notified the website to have this deleted and am taking the necessary steps per the sites instructions. Mhaft


This is incorrect information.I The company I worked for had bent over backwards, and gave away many free hours of service to this company, and they took advantage .

I am not disgruntled, and am extremely pleased to no longer be dealing with someone this unhappy.I just felt it necessary for other to know, in case they ever come in contact with this person.


this person is upset because she was fired for overcharging for services. She made numerous mistakes and is obviously disgruntled.

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